Welcome to a Jenks' Family Genealogy!

In 1642, the widowed Joseph Jenks sailed from Shropshire, England and set foot on the North American continent. Thanks to our intrepid and adventurous ancestor, we have a bountiful and fruitful family tree which branches out all over the United States. This page is dedicated to advancing the communication among all of Joseph's descendents, both here and in the old country. Join us as we delve into one of the richest roots in America!

What You Will Find

  • Lineage
    • My Direct Line * This page jumps right into my family and is comprised of text and pictures for added quality of viewing.
    • Lineage Tree * The direct lineage of my paternal and maternal family, as I know it, with as many interesting facts as I can find. This section will continue to grow as I obtain new information.
    • Alphabetical Search * A search index page. Find a Jenks relative quickly and easily. All Jenks' are listed alphabetically by first name and dates. Other surnames are listed alphabetically by last name.
    • Family Tombstones * Photographs of family gravestones on some members.
  • Gallery - A collection of photographs with short descriptions. What better way to get to know our relatives, past and present, than with a visual experience!
  • Links - The lifeblood of the internet, this growing collection of interesting links are vital to the serious genealogist. Naturally I have included the more personal links to Jenks' sites, plus some of my favorites, along with the general sites.
  • About Me - A brief biography of who I am, what I'm doing.