Jenks' History - An Ohio Family Background

William Jenks (1536 - 1636) m. Alicia (1538 - 1611)

parents of:

John Jenks, Sr. (1556 - 1625) m. Unknown

parents of:

John Jenks, Jr. (abt 1576 - abt 1625/26) m. Hellen (a.k.a. Elinor) Unknown
Jonas Jenks (1580 - 1622) m. 1612 to Anne Peto (1590 - 1633)
m. Sarah Fulwater (1573 - 1605)

parents of:

Sarah Jenks (2/6/1596 - Unknown) born in St. Anne's Blackfiars, London, England
Joseph Jenks (Jenckes) (8/26/1599 - 3/16/1683) m. 1) Joan Hearne (1607 -1634/5) 2) Elizabeth Darling

John Jenks, Sr. (1556 to August 16, 1625) - Born in St. Anne's, Blackfriars, London, England. He was a cutler who obtained his cutler markings around 1606-7.* He married Sarah on January 8, 1595/6, in Blackfriars, London, England.

Unknown First Relationship - It is strongly suggested in "The Jenks Family of America - Supplement" pg 24, that John Jenks, Sr., cutler, fathered John Jenks, Jr. (1576 to 1625/26), and Jonas Jenks (1580 to 1622) from a previous relationship. Both John Jenks, Jr., and Jonas Jenks were born at St. Alphage, London Wall, Cripplegate, England. Sarah Fulwater wasn't born until 1573 and could not have borne John Jr. and Jonas.

Sarah Fulwater (March 19, 1573 to 1605) Daughter of Henry (also listed as Heinrick Fulwasser 1540-1603) and Margaret Fulwater (1550-1595) married in Blackfriars (St. Anne), London, England, a German emigrant and member of the London Company of Cutlers. Sarah was baptized March 29, 1573 in St. Anne's in Blackfriars. She married John Jenks, Sr. on January 8, 1595/6.  Mother of Sarah and Joseph.

* The following pictures were donated by Jens Norlunde and depicts a series of knives made by John Jenks with his cutler markings.

There are numerous documented instances of dispute over the rights of the cutler marks after the death of John Jenks, Sr. It appears that both John Jenks, Jr., his widow, Hellen, and Joseph Jenks (son of John Jenks, Sr.) were using the "marke of the bunch of grapes". The mark was later termed "thistle" in documents naming Joseph Jenks.