Jenks' History - An Ohio Family Background

John Jenks, Sr. (1556 - 1625) m. Unknown

parents of:

John Jenks, Jr. (abt. 1576 - abt 1625/26) m. Hellen (a.k.a. Elinor) Unknown

parents of:

Joseph Jenks (1607 - 9/7/1642) m. 9/30/1630 to Mary Tervyn
John Jenks III  (4/1611 - Unknown) m. 7/17/1634 to Hannah Glinn

John Jenks, Jr.(c. 1576 to c. 1625/26) - First born son of John Jenks, Sr., he was listed as being "of the precinct of the Tower of London". He apprenticed on March 16, 1592, at the age of 16, to Johannes Wyatt for a term of seven years. The apprenticeship was recorded in the London Company of White Bakers. The company recorded the apprenticeship not because John Jenks was learning the trade of baking white bread, but rather because he was apprenticed to a man who happened to belong to the Company that had the jurisdiction over the baking of bread.

John Jenks became a freeman in 1604. This was not common since it was twelve years after his initial apprenticeship but was perhaps explained by having a foreign cutler who removed himself to the Continent for a four year term.

John was still living in the Tower Dock, Precinct of the Tower of London, on September 15, 1611, when he was accused of theft. The unpublished Middlesex Session Rolls show:

15 September, 9 James I.  Josiah Ellery of Ratcliffe, shipwright, John Jinckes of St. Peters ad Vincula within the Tower of London, cutler, and Richard Peter of East Smithfield, Baker, for the said Josiah and for Bennett Haskett of Ratcliffe, carpenter, and for William Godsall of the same, yeoman, all accused by John Arnold of St. Peter's, Westminster, gentleman, with having set upon him in the highway, and taken his purse with �5 10s in it.

John continued to reside at this residence. The last record of him shows that he was taxed there in 1625:

23 James I
Hundred of Ossulstone
Tower without the Bulwarke gate
John Jenks, his goods, 4 li. Subsidy 10s 8d.

John's widow continued to live by the Bulwarke Gate, for the subsidy lists of July 1628 reveal:

Hundred of Ossulstone
Tower without the Bulwarke
ElinorJenkes widow goodes, 4 li. Subsidy 21s 4d.

Hellen (Elinor) Unknown (abt 1578 to aft 1628) There is no documented marriage found as of this writing.  However, there are several documented facts listing "Hellen" a.k.a. "Elinor" as the widow of John Jenks.  According to the "Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names", Hellen, Helen, Elinor, Eleanor, are used indifferently to mean the same.

Joseph Jenks (1607 to September 7, 1642) Joseph was the first born son of John and Hellen.  He married Mary Tervyn on September 30, 1630.  They had one child, Sarah, baptised October 13, 1635, in the chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London.

John Jenks III (1611 to 1670) John III was the second issue of John Jr. and Hellen.  He was baptised on April 6, 1611, at nearby St. James Clerkenwell, Middlesex, according to The Publications of the Harleian Society, v. 9, p. 61 of the Tower of London, cutler.  He was apprenticed to a member of the Company of Cutlers on August 16, 1626 and became a citizen and cutler of London on June 12, 1634.  He married Hannah Glinn (1615 - Unknown) on July 17, 1634.  They had two children baptised in the chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London; John, baptised September 27, 1635, and Sarah, baptised July 16, 1637.