Jenks' History - An Ohio Family Background

John Jenks, Sr. (1556 - 1625) m. Unknown

parents of:

Jonas Jenks (1580 - 1622) m. 1612 to Anne Peto (1590 - 1633)

parents of:

Jonas Jenks (1614 - October 9, 1636)
Richard Jenks (bap. 7/13/1617 - 4/17/1619)
Josiah Jenks (bap. 3/5/1619 - aft 1635)

Jonas Jenks (1580 to April 24, 1622) - The second son born of John Jenks, Sr. and an unkown mother. Jonas was born in St. Alphage, London Wall, Cripplegate, England, in 1580.  He married Anne Peto in 1612.

Anne Peto (1590 to 1633) - Mother of Jonas Jenks, Jr., Richard (died at 2 years), and Josiah Jenks.  After she was widowed in 1622, Anne married John Maultby on December 2, 1623.

Jonas Jenks, Jr. (1614 to October 9, 1636) - Rumored to be the one who left England for the New World. He ended up in Virginia.

From The Jenks Family in England:

The will of Jonas Jenks.
Jonas Jenckes son of Jonas Jenckes citizen and white baker of London deceased, dated 1 Aug. 1633. Be it known unto all men that I ... hereby give my full power and authority unto Joane Tyres of Barnabie Street in the parish of St. Mary Maudlen's co. Surrey to keep in her custody and possession all those goods which his mother Ann Jenckes of London did give and bequeath unto him the said Jonas until he shall accomplish the age of 21 or else until his return from Virginia ratifying and confirming by these presents that whatever the said Joane Tyres shall do or cause to be done in or about the premises concerning the said goods which are due and of right appertaining unto him to warrant and defend for ever the Joan Tyres against all persons whatsoever as if I were there personally present. Witnesses: Henry Bradford, Thomas Corington, Henry Capell. M that I the said Jonas Jenckes do give unto the said Joane Tyres all the said goods which appertain unto me, if it please the Lord to call me out of this life before I return to England and the same to convert to her own use.

9 Oct. 1636 Commission to Joanne Tyeres aunt of Jonas Jenckes deceased to administer the goods etc. of deceased according to the tenor of the Deed of Gift no executor having been named. P.C.C. 105 Pile.