Jenks' History - An Ohio Family Background

Judge William Jenks (1674 - 1765) m. 1) Patience Sprague 2) Mary (Sprague) Brown (Unknown - 1770)

parents of:

Doctor John Jenks (1710 - 1776) m. Rachel Lawrence (1712 - 1788)

parents of:

Edmund Jenks (3/31/1732 - 11/19/1816) m. 1/4/1756 to Keziah Olney (1741 - 1/29/1792)
Henry Jenks (7/5/1733 - 7/1803) m. 10/7/1759 to Amity Harris (4/16/1734 - Unknown)
Jesse Jenks, Sr. (1734 - 1827) m. 1) Mary Rhoda Smith (1737 - 1787) m. 2) Abigail Sayles (1758 - Unknown) on 6/28/1787
John Jenks (1/22/1734 - 3/19/1827) m. 10/27/1759 to Lucinda (or Lidia) Bucklin (5/18/1739 - Unknown)
Thomas Jenks (7/30/1737 - 10/10/1811) m. Patience Smith (12/20/1735 - 5/6/1809)
Mary Jenks (5/1/1739 - 2/1790) m. David Smith (4/19/1731 - 2/1/1816)
William Jenks (8/6/1740 - Unknown)
Lawrence Jenks (11/20/1741 - 9/2/1819) m. 11/20/1766 to Susanna Battles (7/4/1746 - 1/1837)
Sarah Jenks (1744 - 11/19/1815) m. 4/11/1760 to Dr. Ichabod Comstock (1734 - 12/19/1800)
Carolina Jenks (1745 - Unknown) m. 7/12/1772 to Jason Angell (10/7/1748 - Unknown)
Isaac Jenks (1746 - 9/28/1818) m. 10/5/1769 to Ruth Lapham (8/12/1748 - 1/3/1833)
Patience Jenks (1747 - Unknown) m. 4/7/1768 to Daniel Comstock (1/6/1745 - 4/1814)
Lydia Jenks (1748 - Unknown) m. 10/5/1769 to Daniel Lapham (10/4/1749 - 1785)
Abigail Jenks (1749 - Unknown) m. Jacob Comstock (Unknown)

Doctor John Jenks (1710 to May 31, 1776) - John was born in Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island. He married Rachel Lawrence on July 5, 1731, in Smithfield, Rhode Island. He attended the first town meeting of Sackville, N.B. on July 20, 1762. In a grant dated January 31, 1773, Doctor John, Jesse and Jonathan Jenks had shares in that Township. Dr. John, however, did not settle in Sackville, but returned to Smithfield.

From the Worcester County, Mass. Probate Records
Jenkes, Rachel of Spencer, Widow
Husband, John Jenckes, deceased.
Sons: Edmund, Henry, Jesse, Thomas, Lawrence, Isaac.
Dau's: Mary Smith, the eldest, Sarah Comstock, Carolina Angell, Patience Comstock.
Grandchildren: John & David Comstock, ch. of dau. Abigail Comstock.
Grandson: Seth Comstock, son of Daniel Comstock.
Grandau: Lydia Jenkes, dau of Isaac.
Grandau: Hannah Jenkes, dau of Isaac.
Grandsons: Joohn James Lapham, sons of Daniel.
Exec. Isaac Jenkes
Witnesses: John Bisco
Ebenezer Mason
Ezekiel Baxter
Will made 10 Mar. 1788; Allowed 6 May 1788.

From the "Narragansett Historical Register", April, 1889

The Rhode Island Emigration to Nova Scotia

Longfellow in his "Evangeline" has told us the melancholy story of the Arcadians.

On January 11, 1759, Governor Charles Lawrence of Nova Scotia granted 100 acres of wild land to master or mistress of family and fifty acres to every male or female person that family may contain or consist of at the time of grant, with a tax of one shilling per annum for every fifty acres.
In May 1760 four sloops carrying 100 settlers emigrated from Newport, R. I. Among them are found such names as Sanford, Reynolds, Swift, Chambers, Lake, Tucker, Saunders, Wood, Dyer, Cole, Church, Potter, Olneyh, Jenckes, Whitmas, Angell, Peck, Sprague, Scott, Thomas C. Haliburton of Newport, R. I. extraction, historian of Nova Scotia, humorist and known as "Sam Slick", and many other Rhode Island and Conn. families.

Some twenty families in 1761 settled and founded the town of Sackville on th eTantimar marshes.
A list of the Subscribes for the Township lyin on the Tantimar River, 1761, is on recod in the Province Library in Halifax. Among the names one finds: Edmund Trip, Cas. Olney, John Jenkes, Edmund Jenkes, John Olney, Sam'l Clark, Jonathan Jenkes, Stephen Jenkes, Peleg Williams, Robt. Potter, Ichabod Comstock, John Dexter, James Jenkes, William Jenks, John Jenks, Stephen Angel, Nathaniel Bucklin and Thomas Bowen.

"PUBLIC ARCHIVES OF NOVA SCOTIA", Vol. 359 entitled "Old Township and Loyalist Settlements".
Document 19. The List of Subscribes for the Township Lyin on Tantimar (Tantremar) River Represented by Benjamin Thurber, Cyprian Sterry and Edmund Jinks from Providence in Rhod Island lists among the names for one share and a half: John Jenckes, Edmund Jenckes, Jona Jenckes, Step. Jenckes, and among those for a single share are Wm. Jenckes, Nathan Jenckes, James Jenckes. This is undated but probably belongs to 1760 or 1761 as the first actual settlement in Sackville was in 1761.

In an article entitled "Records of Chignecto" by W. C. Miller in Volumne 15 of the Nova Scotia Historical Society there is a section on the Township of Sackville. He states that one of those attending the first town meeting for Sackville on July 20, 1762 was Doctor John Jencks. Not until 1765 was the grant at Sackville confirmed for by that time some of those who had first settled had left and others had taken their place. At that time Wm. Jinks had a lot in Letter B.

Another grant dated January 30, 1773 gives 51 shares of rights of 500 acres each. In this grant John Jinks, and John Jenks had lots in Letter A division, and Jesse Jenks in Letter G; and Jonathan Jinks in Letter C.

In 1774 an additional 12, 250 acres was granted and Edmund Jinks had a share in Letter B division.
In 1780 the inhabitants of Sackville made a return to the state of the settlement and among those who had land was James Jinks in letter A.

Rachel Lawrence (1712 - 1788) Daughter of Isaac Lawrence of Westchester County, New York, and Mary Ward, also of Westchester, New York. Her first seven children were born in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts.  The rest of the children were born in Smithfield, Providence, Rhode Island.