Jenks' History - An Ohio Family Background

William Henry Jenks (1825 - 1876) m. 1847 Jane Sheldon (1828 - 1876)

parents of:

John W. Jenks (1858 -1945) m. Mary Lee Failes (1864 - Unknown)

parents of:

Mabel Esther Jenks (2/28/1883 - 1883)
Mabel Ethel Jenks (2/7/1884 - Unknown)
Paul Henry Jenks (12/29/1887 - 8/20/1959) m. Laura R.
Susan A. Jenks (5/28/1890 - Unknown)
Mary Julissa Jenks (3/7/1892 - Unknown)
John Sheldon Jenks (10/10/1894 - Unknown) m. 1925 to Amber M. (5/22/1890 - 4/13/1980)
George William Jenks (1896 - 1938) m. Leona Mae Cooper (1898 - 1973)


John W. Jenks - taken 1897

John William Jenks (March 1858 to 1945) - John W. was born in 1858 in Saybrook, Ashtabula, Ohio. He was a mechanic and toolworker by profession according to the 1900 and 1910 census records. He married Mary Failes on January 15, 1882 in Saybrook and they had seven children. Six living children are listed on the 1900 census. This picture was in the collection I inherited from my grandma, Leona Jenks. On the back is written, Grandpa J - age 39 years.

Mary Lee Failes (December 1864 to unknown) Mary Failes was born in Pennsylvania and married in Saybrook, Ashtabula, Ohio. She is listed as age 35 on the 1900 census.

*Footnote: There are two registered births under the name of Mabel. One is Mabel Esther born February 28, 1883 and the second is Mabel Ethel born February 1884. There was probably a death of the first Mabel before the second was born. There is only one Mabel E. listed on the 1900 census and she is age 16. The 1910 census shows Mary Lee as birthing seven children of which only six were living at that time.

**Footnote: Julissa Jenks was a senior at Geneva High School, Geneva, Ohio, in 1911 (as published by The Bauble yearbook).