Jenks' Photo Gallery


George William Jenks and Mildred Lorraine Cleveland

April 4, 1964




Dr. David Allen Jenks

Amsterdam 1998


Sharon Ann Jenks

1987 - Age 22


Leona Mae (Cooper) Jenks - c. 1946

My grandmother (left) in front of her
boarding house at 1030 Prospect Rd. in Ashtabula, Ohio.


George William Jenks, Sr. - c. 1930's

My grandfather (right) died before my father's 2nd birthday of heart failure. He was 42 years old.




George William Jenks and Millie Jenks - 1977

My parents in the only professional portrait taken, other than their wedding picture. Dad was 40 and mom was 34.


Millie (Cleveland) Jenks - Christmas 1995

Clutching some of her Christmas gifts, mom is happy to have David and me home for the holidays




The Jenks Home - c. 1940's

Leona purchased the house on Prospect in Ashtabula, Ohio, where my father (George Jr.) was raised. (left)

George W. Jenks Sr. and son - c. 1937

My grandfather, holding my father, shortly before his death.



George W. Jenks - c. 1945

Dad helping his mother carry the groceries home from the market.



My Father in his Air Force uniform - July 2, 1961



Mom (Millie Cleveland) - Age 5 

Mom (Millie Cleveland) - Age 7 

Mom (Millie Cleveland) - Age 9

Mom (Millie Cleveland) - Age 11

Mom somehow looked different every couple of years.  At age 11 she had her hair permed and had just begun to wear glasses.



My Family - 1968

From left to right; David (some months old), Millie (mom), George (dad) and Sharon (me!) holding the largest sucker I had ever seen. Taken at grandma's in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Me, Grandma Jenks and David - 1970

I worshipped my Grandmother and spent every available moment with her after she moved to Akron. She taught David and me to play Bridge when we little more than babies.




Leona Cooper - Ashtabula High School c. 1915



 Ashtabula High School - 1886 to 1954

In July 1954 the old Ashtabula High School (left) was torn down to make room for a new gymnasium.  It was used as a junior high and elementary school from 1902 to 1952.

Ashtabula High School - 1902 to 1915

Research suggests that Grandma Leona was in the last graduating class at this school.


David Allen Jenks - 1970

My brother started oozing charm at a very young age!


John W. Jenks (1858/59-1945) - taken 1897

This picture was in the collection I inherited from my grandma, Leona Jenks. On the back is written, Grandpa J




This is my great-grandmother Mae Belle Cooper in front of the house my grandmother Leona was raised in, in Ashtabula, Ohio, circa early 1900's.  
  Governor Joseph Jenks III (1656-6/1740)



This page is lovingly dedicated to my mother, Millie; brother, David; and in memoriam of my father, George and grandma, Leona.